The Home Features People Want Right Now

Just like with fashion, home trends come and go. And though it’s easy to realize in retrospect that features like shag carpet won’t stand the test of time, when you’re looking to sell, it’s harder to know if prospective buyers would rather you put in, say, marble or quartz countertops. Or, if you’re a buyer yourself, to know which would help your home gain value in five years.

To figure it out, we rounded up the most common questions about home features from the Trulia community and pulled data from all the homes for sale on Trulia over the last year. If listings mentioned these commonly asked-about features, we put them up for a head-to-head comparison. Here’s a look at the most popular home features in America right now.

Quartz vs. Marble Countertops

Trulia research is pretty clear on this one. Among our homesellers, quartz countertops are three times as popular as marble.

Quartz is a more expensive option, but marble is more porous and prone to staining. It requires sealing at least once a year.

Winner: Quartz

Hardwood vs. Carpet Floors

Real estate agents in the Trulia community confirm that the buyers they see have a strong preference for hardwood floors. They have heard the same reasons again and again: hardwood is easier to clean and can last a long time.

But that can be regional—carpet is warmer for bare feet. If you’re in an area with a lot of snow, that’s something to keep in mind.

Winner: Hardwood

Soaking vs. Clawfoot Tubs

According to our data, soaking tubs blow clawfoot tubs out of the water. This one surprised us a bit, since clawfoot tubs used to be a sign of true luxury.

Unlike a 90s-era jet tub, though, a well-designed soaking tub can give a bathroom a spa-like feel.

Winner: Soaking tubs

Bay vs. Floor-to-Ceiling Window

It was a close call, but when we looked at the data, we found bay windows edged out floor-to-ceiling windows.

This one may just come down to a personal aesthetic.

Winner: Bay Window

Gas vs. Electric Stove

There was no contest here. Our listers clearly prefer a gas stove. Though they’re more expensive at the outset, gas is cheaper than electricity, and these stoves allow for faster and more uniform cooking that their electric counterparts.

Winner: Gas Stove

Subway vs. Basketweave Style Tiles

This one was so close it’s nearly a toss-up. Either way, members of the Trulia community say that a backsplash can really update the feel of a kitchen.

Winner: Subway Tiles

Sub-Zero vs. Viking Appliances

Among people who care about appliances, Sub-Zero just barely edges out Viking. But no matter which side you fall on, the agents in the Trulia community say it’s important that appliance quality matches the feel of the home. Luxury buyers will expect high-end brands.

Winner: Sub-Zero appliances

White vs. Dark Cabinets

These days, our listers prefer lighter, brighter cabinets, and agents in our community say they can help make a kitchen look bigger. One tip from Trulians: either can be beautiful, but it’s important to have contrast. If your cabinets are dark, go for lighter counters, or vice versa.Home

Winner: White cabinets