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   Know Your Home Loan Options

One of the things I’ve been able to do to make a difference for my clients is the strategic approach I have in working directly with the best Home Loan Company in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

I recommend getting a Mortgage Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval. This is a document from the lender I can help you with that will establish your qualifications in detail to let the seller know you’re good to go with the financing. The company I work with is a direct lender (cutting out the middle man) and they do have every kind of home loan program. The strategic approach I have with them ensures you’ll get your offer approved 9 times out of 10 and they can even pay your closing costs at the lowest rates available in Texas, saving you thousands. Check out their website and know your options .  www.NoClosingCostsMortgage.com 

  • This can give you the peace-of-mind of knowing you can afford the homes you viewing here for sale on the market, and that you’ll be prepared without having any problems arranging the financing later on.
  • It’s not only a sign to sellers that you’re a serious, prepared buyer but it will give you a competitive edge when I present your offer as our Lender does have an excellent reputation with  plenty of positive Reviews  from home buyers online.

You can arrange for a  Free Mortgage Consultation just by Applying Online , or by contacting my Licensed Loan Officer with over 20 years of experience directly by calling Mark Bedmar  (214) 469-4596 . You can even book an Online Consultation with him in right in his office. They’re also approved with over 44 wholesale mortgage investors  that he can shop across with the ability to get you approved where most lenders would turn you down or require a higher down payment. Call him today !